K-Alloy™ (A304) Corrosion Resistant Die Casting Aluminum Alloy with Advanced Elongation and Thermal Properties

K-Alloy (A304) is an excellent general purpose die casting alloy for any part that is required to perform in a harsh environment

Examples include:

Outdoor lighting for Commercial, Residential, Stadium
Electronics Equipment Enclosures
Saltwater Applications Include Boat Fittings, Fishing Reels, Recreational Equipment
Defense Including Drones,
Radios, Antennas
Automotive, transportation and harsh under hood environments

Key Benefits of K-Alloy (A304) vs. A380, A360 and A413:

K-Alloy is More corrosion resistant than other die casting alloys
K-Alloy Requires No coatings for corrosion resistance - may lower parts cost and eliminate toxic chromate (Cr3)
K-Alloy Die Life is equal to 100% of A380 - Can Use current dies - Significant Die Cost Savings vs. Aural and Silafont

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